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We understand that when you are looking for a Saint Petersburg concrete contractor, you want a contractor that is up-to-date on the latest concrete installation techniques, concrete styles and repair techniques. We make it our goal to know all there is to know about concrete design, installation and repair, which means you can expect finished concrete that is high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Highly trained and experienced crews
  • Dedicated project managers for all projects big or small
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Our concrete installation and repair experts can repair and install all types of concrete surfaces, including patios, porches, driveways, sidewalks and garage and basement floors. We will gladly inspect your existing concrete, fill divots and holes, replace crumbling edges, level the existing concrete and perform concrete resurfacing in order to restore its durability and beauty.

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Everyone at Suric Concrete were very helpful in site prep and did everything they said they would. Would highly recommend to anyone. Great company.

Martha E.

Suric Concrete and their crew where great. I would definitely use them again!

Daniel F.

Suric Concrete was able to come out on the same day and patch it up good as new. I will be using them for future projects.

Philip A.

Concrete repairs

The majority of property owners take concrete surfaces or structures for granted till problems emerge. The exact same goes with other components of your home, concrete likewise needs to be preserved. That is due to the fact that this area is impacted by strains and stresses of life.

Water infiltration, structural damage, rust, or seismic activity are some of the reasons that concrete deterioration takes place. Utilizing our years of knowledge in the business, we successfully established detailed services to rehabilitating and restoring concrete surface areas.

What Are The Key Root Causes Of Concrete Damage?

Concrete damage occurs primarily as a result of:
Reinforcement Steel Corrosion. This consists of chlorides and carbonation.
Chemical Degradation. This consists of alkali-aggregate responses, chemical exposure, or bacterial reaction.
Physical Damage. This consists of electrical wiring, shrinkage, thermal movements, freeze or thaw action, and abrasion.
Mechanical Attack. This involves surge, earthquake, motion, and overloading.
Underlying Contributors. This includes style faults, poor construction, and lack of upkeep.

Suric Concrete utilizes premium quality materials and cutting edge equipment to repair and safeguard your concrete surfaces. We have reputable services for different kinds of structures integrated with differing applications, exposure conditions, and climate.

If you have broken, sunken, or a broken driveway or car park, your visitors will see your location less attractive. As an alternative to taking advantage of pricey concrete replacement, you can select our concrete repair service.

Through our proficiency, we will not only deal with the underlying complication, but likewise revive the initial performance and improve the curb appeal. Our concrete repair solutions will let you use the concrete the next day.

Do not wait up until little concrete damage ends up being a severe issue or costly repair issue. Contact our team today at 844-944-1462, and we will repair the concern immediately.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Structural Repairs, Lifting and Leveling

Crack, Divot and Hole Filling

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Concrete resurfacing

When your concrete is new, it looks excellent and attractive. However, if it's already broken, sunken, or pitted, your concrete ends up being an eyesore.

The good news is that there's no necessity for you to remove and replace your affected concrete. We give you an expert resurfacing, which is a cost-efficient service to give your existing concrete a brand new look. We serve both domestic and industrial customers in Saint Petersburg and other surrounding local areas.

A lot of homeowners in Saint Petersburg believe that broken or stained concrete needs to be replaced or removed. Instead, you can make the most of our concrete resurfacing services to financially give your concrete a makeover with brand-new color and texture.

Through our budget-friendly, effective service, our experts will not only offer your aging and damaged swimming pool decks, driveways, outdoor patios, parking lot, or sidewalks a fresh look but also correct the underlying problems. The concrete surface must be prepared before we carry out the resurfacing procedure, including:
Removal of dirt, discolorations, particles, or mildew through extensive power washing
Raising of oil and gas discolorations through quality stain treatment
Complete crack repair work
Repair work of holes using industry-standard epoxy mortar
Profiling of the surface area through shot-blasting
Using of guide to develop a strong surface area

We deliver exterior and interior concrete resurfacing. We make sure that your concrete secures against any future damage. Whether your concrete requires an extensive resurfacing solution or shows mild deterioration, our staff is ready to help you. Besides, you can pick from various concrete resurfacing alternatives, consisting of:
Concrete polymer resurfacing
Stamped concrete overlay
Rubberized concrete finishings
Epoxy concrete finishes
Saw cutting and staining concrete

For your next concrete resurfacing task, make our team part of it. We guarantee that you will experience 100% fulfillment. Give us a ring without delay at 844-944-1462 and find out more!

It’s possible to stain and stamp the new concrete overlay

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Concrete decorative

Traditional gray-colored concrete had indeed been a trend previously. Decorative concrete concepts now take control of the business. A lot of companies and house owners in the Saint Petersburg area have actually fallen for modern-day and aesthetic concrete treatment. The number is expected to increase in the future.

Suric Concrete has a deep background in decorative concrete. We have installed trendy and colorful choices for over ten years in Saint Petersburg. We have accomplished thousands of jobs and built long-term client relationships.

Why Should You Make use of Our Decorative Concrete?
• Vast Choice of Designs - Colored, stamped, and patterned concrete is popular. Excellent news! Other designs give your residential or commercial property an elegant, contemporary, and special appeal. Our team have exposed aggregate, multi-color, refined, and colored concrete.

• Hypoallergenic - Aside from a smooth surface, our top-grade building material is perfect for house owners with allergic reactions. The solutions are safe, toxic-free, and expert-recommended.

• Visually Appealing - As the name suggests, our concrete solution supplies visual impacts. The appeal is stylish and contemporary, representing one's personality and taste.

Our Decorative Concrete Services Include:
• Residential - You have installed durable pieces of furniture. You've set up an array of ornaments. Now, what's next? It's time to treat the flooring units with a quality decorative service. We select the colors/styles that match with indoor styles, developing a light and comfortable atmosphere.

• Commercial - Low sales or return on investment? Browse your business facility. Dull, irregular, and damaged floors can be the offender. It's time to consider decorative concrete. When set up according to the industry's highest requirements, workplaces end up being eye grabbing.

When you need a surface that is durable, beautiful and affordable

Decorative concrete can be stained to resemble marble, stone, brick, wood and tile

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Concrete staining

Our trustworthy crew also specializes in concrete staining. Our main intention is to offer our clients top quality service without compromising their hard-earned money. Suric Concrete is an insured concrete company, so you can have confidence that expert and trustworthy workers are handling your concrete staining task.

With our concrete staining service, you can increase the curb appeal of your residential or commercial concrete. Don't worry because, in spite of our economical service, the quality will not be compromised. Your safety and security is necessary for us, so we keep track of every stage of the concrete staining procedure to offer you resilient and safe concrete. With that, you can avoid the threats brought on by damaged or cracked concrete.

There is absolutely nothing to question in selecting our concrete staining since it only needs low upkeep. You can quickly clean it so that you can avoid pricey repair work and replacement expenses. We can offer you the best concrete staining services like:
• Garage floors
• Patios.
• Commercial floor covering.
• Walkways.
• Vertical concrete surface areas.
• Basement floors and more.
• Showroom floor.
• Pool deck.
• Sidewalks.
• Courtyard.

We also use cutting-edge technology to guarantee that there is no concrete discoloration. You can select the products and style for your project. We offer a natural stone appearance, marble-like finish as well as earthen appearance. In addition, you can also have decorative styles and geometric styles for your concrete if you prefer.

Our expert crew will not fail you since we are devoted to bringing you the most dependable, concrete service that you desire to have. If you desire your concrete flooring to have a new and more attractive appearance, you are always welcome to speak to us. Our customer support crew can give you immediate action and complimentary quotes. With us, you can have the liberty to set the schedule of the service based on your convenience. Get in touch with us right away at 844-944-1462.

We can stain and seal all types of interior and exterior concrete surfaces

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