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We understand that when you are looking for a South Bend concrete contractor, you want a contractor that is up-to-date on the latest concrete installation techniques, concrete styles and repair techniques. We make it our goal to know all there is to know about concrete design, installation and repair, which means you can expect finished concrete that is high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Highly trained and experienced crews
  • Dedicated project managers for all projects big or small
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Our concrete installation and repair experts can repair and install all types of concrete surfaces, including patios, porches, driveways, sidewalks and garage and basement floors. We will gladly inspect your existing concrete, fill divots and holes, replace crumbling edges, level the existing concrete and perform concrete resurfacing in order to restore its durability and beauty.

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It has been a pleasure working with Suric Concrete over the past 5 years. They are a company with an incredible track record in both safety and quality service.

Martha E.

These guys did a great job! They accommodated my busy schedule and pretty much handled the project with me being absent.

Daniel F.

Professional, fast, and reasonable pricing for top quality work. Highly recommend for anything concrete. They do great work good people very nice!

Philip A.

Concrete repairs

Your concrete is important for the understructure of your building. Small cracks in the concrete can bring about larger issues, which can cost you time and money. With that said, you should immediately call an expert concrete repair service. If you wish superior concrete repair work service from genuine professionals, the crew at Suric Concrete is here for you.

We comprehend that your concrete is a big and valuable financial investment for you. That's why our experts are dedicated to bringing you the most effective repair service that can prolong the life-span of your concrete. Concrete can be worn down and slowly degrades, so we provide you the most suitable options to save it from total damage. With Suric Concrete, you can get a more personalized experience given that you can select the repair work that matches your needs.

Our concrete repair services consist of: Driveway repair, Sidewalk repair work, Concrete garage flooring, Pool deck repair work, Cracked structure repair, Foundation wall repair, Concrete step repair work and more.

We have the required materials and devices to carry out the most reliable, concrete repair for you. Our experts employ careful hands and eyes to reduce mistakes in the repair work process. We do not desire our customers to get disappointed with us, so we just provide you the most ideal concrete repair you are worthy of.

We use more innovative devices to fix the defects and damages of your concrete. Your security is likewise crucial for us, so we are careful in our work to give you safe and quality concrete. We utilize the best options, so your concrete can withstand various weather and direct exposure conditions.

You can always call us whenever you need our concrete repair work service at 844-944-1462. We prepare to repair any type of concrete, whether it is in a residential or commercial project. We are happy to help you, no matter the size of your concrete repair work requirements. Our repair work service will restore the quality look of your concrete.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Structural Repairs, Lifting and Leveling

Crack, Divot and Hole Filling

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Concrete resurfacing

People assume that concrete replacement is the only remedy for stained and cracked garage area, deck, or driveway. Concrete resurfacing is an affordable, stylish, and durable option. Our people renovate aging pool decks or patios and give them a brand-new texture/color.

Concrete resurfacing at Suric Concrete is useful and budget friendly. That's not all. Our services are employed for visual purposes. Packed with a range of strategies, our resurfacing solutions guarantee a reflection of a special lifestyle and decor choices.
Our Concrete Resurfacing Services
• Visually pleasing stamped concrete overlays - Searching for decorative stamped overlays? Do not look farther than our resurfacing solutions. We customize and modify the solution according to your needs.

• Epoxy coverings - Our epoxy coverings are available in various choices. We have solid, metal, and multi-colored plans for everybody.

• Hand trowel textures - Among the kinds of wall texturing, our hand trowel textures are popular. Transform your concrete into a smooth and durable investment with Suric Concrete.

• A selection of finishes - Stone-like finishes are a trend these days. Suric Concrete offers slate, flagstone, granite, and other natural stone-like finishes. From the product while doing so, we do not take shortcuts.

Our resurfacing packages can impress and boost the worth of your driveways, residential/commercial entranceways, garage floors, leisure locations, outdoor patios, sidewalks, courses, pool surrounding areas, and more.

We handle spaces of all designs and sizes. Our clients vary from residential or commercial property management companies, apartment advancements, house communities, tenants, domestic property managers, commercial business facilities, commercial units, and expert structures. Prior to resurfacing, we prepare the concrete surface areas. We carry out power washing, stain treatment, fracture repair, hole repair work, shotblasting, and diamond grinding.

Are there bumpy spots in a garage or deck? Staining? Flaking? Spalling? Pitting? You came to the best location! Our resurfacing solutions are specialised and personalized.

It’s possible to stain and stamp the new concrete overlay

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Concrete decorative

Conventional gray-colored concrete had been a fad in the past. Decorative concrete styles now take control of the business. A lot of organisations and house owners in the South Bend area have actually fallen for modern and visual concrete treatment. The number is expected to increase in the future.

Suric Concrete has a deep history in decorative concrete. Our people have set up trendy and vibrant choices for over ten years in South Bend. We have completed countless projects and constructed long-term client relationships.

Why Should You Benefit from Our Decorative Concrete?
• Vast Choice of Designs - Colored, stamped, and patterned concrete is popular. Great news! Other designs offer your home a trendy, modern, and distinct appeal. Our staff have exposed aggregate, multi-color, sleek, and colored concrete.

• Hypoallergenic - Aside from a smooth surface, our top-grade building material is ideal for house owners with allergic reactions. The solutions are safe, toxic-free, and expert-recommended.

• Visually Appealing - As the name indicates, our concrete option supplies aesthetic effects. The appeal is stylish and contemporary, representing one's unique character and taste.

Our Decorative Concrete Services Include:
• Residential - You have installed durable pieces of furniture. You've set up a range of accessories. Now, what's next? It's time to deal with the floor covering systems with a quality decorative option. We select the colors/styles that match with indoor designs, producing a light and comfy atmosphere.

• Commercial - Low sales or return on investment? Look around your organisation establishment. Dull, uneven, and damaged floorings can be the offender. It's time to consider decorative concrete. When installed according to the market's top requirements, offices end up being eye grabbing.

When you need a surface that is durable, beautiful and affordable

Decorative concrete can be stained to resemble marble, stone, brick, wood and tile

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Concrete staining

We concentrate on delivering high quality concrete staining services. Using its one-of-a-kind and attractive end results, you can accomplish combined curb appeal and features.

Enable our professional staff at Suric Concrete to be part of your upcoming concrete staining project. We ensure that you will be satisfied without solutions as we utilize our cutting-edge equipment and experience.

During the course of the concrete staining procedure, we meticulously apply the quality acid stain, acrylic discolorations, or water stains on the concrete. Our experts ensure that the exterior and interior of the stained concrete are extremely resilient and easy to maintain.

Once you have chosen our concrete staining services, simply feel free to select from the following residential or commercial property locations:

We make every effort to help you experience the charm, sophistication, and price that concrete staining can offer for your residential and commercial property. We offer a large range of alternatives for your property, including border patterns, graphic style, circular styles, stamping, customized colors, and so much more.

We appropriately manage concrete staining projects of all sizes. Regardless of what your requirements are, we make sure that you will get rewarding outcomes. Talk with us promptly at 844-944-1462, and let's start a strong working relationship.

We can stain and seal all types of interior and exterior concrete surfaces

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