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We understand that when you are looking for a Scranton concrete contractor, you want a contractor that is up-to-date on the latest concrete installation techniques, concrete styles and repair techniques. We make it our goal to know all there is to know about concrete design, installation and repair, which means you can expect finished concrete that is high-quality, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Highly trained and experienced crews
  • Dedicated project managers for all projects big or small
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Our concrete installation and repair experts can repair and install all types of concrete surfaces, including patios, porches, driveways, sidewalks and garage and basement floors. We will gladly inspect your existing concrete, fill divots and holes, replace crumbling edges, level the existing concrete and perform concrete resurfacing in order to restore its durability and beauty.

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After contacting several companies for a driveway replacement, Suric Concrete was by far the most responsive.

Martha E.

The concrete slab inside of the brick of my back stoop had tilted. Suric Concrete did a fantastic job of correcting the problem.

Daniel F.

Professional, fast, and reasonable pricing for top quality work. Highly recommend for anything concrete. They do great work good people very nice!

Philip A.

Concrete repairs

Our concrete repair service is planned to assist in increasing the durability of your concrete. Over time, concrete becomes pitted, used, and deteriorated. Our concrete repair services help slow down the degeneration and alter complications which have happened over time.

Several of our concrete repair services take account of the following: Concrete leveling and repair, Concrete pathway repair, Concrete Driveway Repair Work and Leveling, Cement Pool Deck Leveling and Repair Work, Concrete Porch Leveling and Repair Service, Concrete Patio Leveling and Repair Service, Concrete Floor Leveling and Repair, Concrete Garage Floor Leveling and Repair Service.

Offered the massive amount of concrete constructions in Scranton, it's very easy to take for granted. It makes it possible for us to live the life we do in our constantly developing metropolitan landscapes. Like us, the concrete has to be well kept. It's impacted by the pressures in addition to the stresses of daily life.

Concrete wear and tear may occur because of deterioration, water seepage, structural damage, or numerous other factors. Several years of study plus decades of experience have enabled us to establish an entirely extensive option to revive and restore concrete structures. Our customer support and advice is unrivaled, from concept to effective finalization on site. Call us today at 844-944-1462.

Concrete Removal and Replacement

Structural Repairs, Lifting and Leveling

Crack, Divot and Hole Filling

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Concrete resurfacing

Cracks and potholes require repair. For visible wear, rough surface areas, consistent flaking, and slippery pathways, our resurfacing options are extraordinary.

Suric Concrete makes the rough surfaces become smooth and practical once again. The flaking will not be a problem, and the walkways are safe. The functionality of concrete places is up to par. Here are our specialties:

• Interior Resurfacing - Exotic tiles and all-natural stone can renew indoor floorings. The prices, nevertheless, are very high. Resurfacing is a separate situation. Our team can change the interior floor covering system and give them the look of bricks. Our service technicians are caring, trustworthy, and meticulous. Our crews are certified and experienced.

• Garage Floor Refinishing - A crack or pothole in the garage can posture damages to a high-end vehicle. Your safety/convenience will likewise be jeopardized. There's absolutely nothing to fret about as we supply a refinishing solution for garages of any shape. Our coverings are sustainable and durable, and they can endure abrasion, chemicals as well as other harmful components. Meaning, the cracking or flaking issue will not be a big problem.

• Exterior Resurfacing - Our concrete refinishing is a great alternative for slab pads and driveways. Recently resurfaced concrete exterior locations would stay long lasting and aesthetic throughout the year. Because of our non-porous finish system. It is likewise straightforward to maintain, staying clear of unneeded maintenance expenses over time.

• Brewery and Commercial Floor Refinishing - Floors in offices and other businesses are less absorptive to splitting, peeling, delamination, and drainage issues. Signs of fracture need instant action, and Suric Concrete has a quick response time. Upon consultation, we schedule the concrete refinishing without delay. Then, we send a certified group as soon as possible.

• Driveway Resurfacing - Driveway takes damage from tree branches, soil motion, and harsh weather. These elements trigger potholes, and refinishing services are the most ideal treatment. Suric Concrete applies a layer of cement on impacted spots and administer special materials to suit your taste.

It’s possible to stain and stamp the new concrete overlay

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Concrete decorative

A great deal of individuals picture plain gray surface areas when they think of concrete. In truth, there are many creative concrete styles obtainable for the aesthetic vision for your home. You will have the capacity to identify the ideal appearance for each of your concrete areas with our decorative concrete services.

Our detailed and detailed-oriented specialists constantly guarantee that the end product lives up to your expectations. We concentrate on the fulfillment of our customers, and it displays in everything we do as a business. Give us a call today if you need a decorative concrete service in Scranton. Our company supplies complimentary quotes, enabling you to get a transparent strategy of what a project might cost you before you invest a single dollar.

What can you look forward to when you select us as your decorative concrete contractor? First, we will start by talking about your specific vision and preferences. The number of alternatives available is restricted by your imagination, with a lot of patterns and designs accessible. We will help you look for the ideal appearance, which showcases your individual choices. Our company supplies decorative concrete stamping services for outdoor patios, decks, and pathways, to name a few. Boost the aesthetic curb of your property and uncover the potential of your concrete surface areas along with our flexible decorative alternatives.

Did you know there are benefits to adding decorative stamped concrete to your home? Among the advantages is that the design selections are limitless. Modern mixing approaches enable designers to make a significant range of patterns, colors, and textures. As you can see, there is a concrete design for everybody.

In addition to that, recently decorated concrete will sustain its resilience and durability. Concrete stands up to the elements that are brought on by vehicles and foot traffic. Maintaining your decorative concrete clean is hassle-free and easy. Consult us right away at 844-944-1462.

When you need a surface that is durable, beautiful and affordable

Decorative concrete can be stained to resemble marble, stone, brick, wood and tile

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Concrete staining

Our concrete contractor staff supplies concrete staining. Our concrete staining services are the optimal way to offer any concrete surface areas a distinctive and stunning surface. Our concrete staining enables homeowners to transform that plain, undesirable concrete into something sophisticated. Suric Concrete will make a new, decorative finish with an appearance reminiscent of marble, earth, and stone.

No matter if you are staining your business flooring, your garage flooring, your patio area and swimming pool deck, our professional staff can help you achieve an unique. I will undoubtedly wow your next-door neighbors, your friends, family, and even customers for years to follow.

Our concrete staining services supply a lot of benefits over other ornamental floor covering options readily available today. In the event that you didn't recognize yet, concrete staining is a practical, strong, and long term floor covering treatment, which leads in a high-end, advanced look. It's exceptionally versatile, and it can be used on essentially any concrete surface area, whether it's brand-new or old concrete.

A few of the most desired usages for our concrete staining consist of:
• Vertical concrete surface areas
• Basement floorings
• Garage floors
• Walkways.
• Patios.
• Commercial floor covering.

The concrete staining services exist by using an unique chemical formula, which reacts with concrete to transform its look and feel. Concrete staining could create a marble-like finish, an earthy look, or a natural stone appearance, depending upon the kind of stain made use of.

We also supply the benefits of less upkeep and upkeep. Our staining application makes use of an even, simple to clean and non-porous surface area. You can rest easy the stain will not chip, flake, or feel as the stains are achieved through a permanent chain reaction.

Are you considering a concrete staining project? We are your perfect partner for the work! With our top-notch reputation for excellent products, detailed client service, and expert artistry, we take the trouble and frustration out of business and residential concrete staining projects. You can get in touch with us at 844-944-1462.

We can stain and seal all types of interior and exterior concrete surfaces

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