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Concrete is remarkably durable, but it also tends to crack, chip, and even move around if it wasn't mixed and poured properly. Even concrete that has been mixed and poured correctly can suffer damage with time. If your house has any kind of concrete damage, from small damage to major damage, help is simply a phone call away. Here at Suric Concrete, we've been serving the local area for over 10 years. We've seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to concrete, so no matter how bad you think the damage is, we're sure that we can help you. There are other concrete contractors out there, but we're confident that once you consult with us, you'll see that we are your ideal choice.

What kinds of damage do we see most often? Without a doubt, the most typical type of concrete damage that we see are fractures. Cracks in concrete can be a result of inappropriate mixing, or it can simply be one of those things that occur. Possibly the ground moved, or maybe the concrete was damaged when something fell on it. If you have cracked concrete you can either watch it slowly worsen over time, or you can call us and let us fix it.

When we repair broken concrete the first thing that we do is pressure wash it. We are extremely comprehensive because any pollutants left can affect the bonding of the patch and resurfacer that we use. Next, we'll use a patch to fill the fractures, then use a trowel to smooth the surface. After that, we'll use a resurfacer to put a new finish on your concrete so that way once we're done it will look as good as the day it was first poured.

Another kind of typical concrete damage that we encounter is spalling. What is spalling? It's small pits that develop on the surface of concrete. What triggers it? Spalling is triggered when concrete isn't combined appropriately. The bright side is that for the most part, spalling won't have much of a result on the structural stability of the concrete. The problem is that it's an eyesore to look at.

Now for the bright side. We can fix spalling and make your concrete look as smooth as the day it was first poured. Initially, we'll make use of a pressure washer to remove any contaminants. Then, we'll use a resurfacer to patch and fill any deep pits or fractures. After that has actually dried, we'll utilize a resurfacer to create a brand-new surface area.

Lifting is a relatively common problem that we see. When moisture seeps into the ground and freezes, it expands. As it expands the soil can move around, which can cause concrete to move, lift, and crack. Now for the bright side, we can repair it for you. Raised concrete it more than simply an eyesore, it can break and it's likewise a risk that people can trip on. If your concrete is raising, then call us today so we can evaluate the problem and fix it for you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, concrete can also settle and sink over time. This is generally triggered by soil that was poorly compacted prior to the concrete was initially poured. When concrete moves it fractures. So, expect to see cracks if your concrete is settling. More good news though, we can repair this for you too.

We're Experts at All Types of Concrete Repair

If you have harmed concrete inside of your house or outside of it, we're here to help you. Concrete typically gets stronger with time, but if there was an incorrect method used when it was poured then it could compromise and suffer damage. It might have likewise suffered damage due to soil movement or from an impact of some kind. If this is the case for you, and you have damaged concrete, you can either find a solution for it or let it get worse. If you are ready to do something about it, please call us at Suric Concrete.

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